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Inches  (I will use Inches)

Centimeters (I will use Centimeters)

Height: *   Measured from head to toe.

Measure length from shoulder seam


Measure above the bust; keep tape a little higher at back


Measure largest part; keep tape a little higher at back


Measure stomach
Trousers/Skirt Waist

Measure natural waistline


Measure 7" below the waist or widest point of hips

Full Shoulders

Measure across back from outside of one shoulder to other
Half Shoulders

Measure from top shoulder seam to end of shoulder seam

Measure from shoulder seam to waist with arm bent (allow for padding)
Wrist Circumference

Measure around Wrist

Measure across the front above the bust from where one arm joins the torso to where other arm joins the torso

Measure across back from joining of one arm to the other
Back Length

Measure from nape of neck to center of waist
Shoulder to Bust

Measure from shoulders seam to bust line
Shoulder to Waist

Measure from shoulder seam to front waist
Bust to Bust

Measure width of bust from one nipple to the other

Measure around the neck
Trousers Length

Measure from top of waist band to bottom of cuff
Trousers inseam

Measure inseam from crotch to bottom of cuff
Trousers "U" crutch

Measure from the top of the waistband in the front to the top of the waistband in the back

Measure around thigh at widest point
Trousers required cuffs

Measure width around cuff
Skirt Length

Measure skirt length from waist
Please check the information on this form for accuracy before sending it to us. We will confirm the receipt of your message with you within one business day.


If you have any special instructions about how you would like your clothes to fit, or anything that you think would help us to determine your measurements, please add them here. Also, for special considerations. It is recommended that for large sizes, for the sake of better proportioning, the FLEXED BICEP CIRCUMFERENCE and the ARMHOLE circumference be included in the comments field below as well.

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