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The flowing sample is in PDFGet AcrobatReader format . It can be read with the Adobe
Reader and it is ready to plot, which you can download free of charge from the Adobe website at

Click on below samples to view ,save or print out.

Sample #1: In PDF Format.(Full scale)

The flowing sample is in HP-GL format ( plot file) ready to plot and it is compressed to Zip Get WinZip.

*.zip files require an application, such as PKZIP or WinZip, to extract its contents.

When uncompressed, the flowing Sample, it should have the plt extension.

Sample #1: In HP-GL format. (Full scale)

Sample #1: In DXF format. (Full scale)

Sample #1: In JPG format. (Full scale)

Sample #1: In LECTRA format. (Full scale)

Sample #1: In Autocad format. (Full scale)

Sample #1: In Adobe Illustrator format. (Full scale)

If you don’t have access to a large printer, the flowing sample made onto multiple pages in PDFGet AcrobatReader format, (17 pages all together, including the preview page).

Sample is in tiles which you can print out the sized pattern piece on 8½" x 11" sheets of paper and then put them all together, when the pages fit together like a puzzle, tape the two pages together. Then continue adding one page at a time until all 16 pages are attached and look like preview page.

Sample #1: In PDF Format. (On multiple pages)

If you have any technical-related questions, please send an email to our support
department at We will be happy to help you clear up any questions you may have,
as quickly as possible. 


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