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Grading: refers to the mathematical process that creates a full-size range from a base pattern.

 We have an experienced staff and state-of-the-art computer equipment to meet your grading requirements. We can use standard grading rules, follow your grading specifications, or help you create your own grading specifications, to generate a full-size range of your garment.

We will give you a 'nest' of all the graded pieces for your approval. We can also satisfy your special grading needs by printing out the individual graded pattern pieces, which can then be transferred into your own cutting guides, such as tag boards and plastics as used in the leather industry.

To ensure accuracy, we check the grading three times! First we check the grading on our computer screens. Then we check the print out of the graded nest against the original pattern to verify the accuracy of our digitizing. And then our Master Grader checks the graded nest one more time to confirm accuracy and consistency in sizing.

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